Grow with us

We offer Real Estate investors attractive returns on their investments with flexible terms. The Rockingham Group has grown and prospered since 2006, while weathering multiple fluctuations in the market. In fact, we look forward to growing with you as we invest and improve upon the community around us.

There’s an old saying – you don’t make your money when you sell, you make your money when you buy.  Understanding one’s exit strategy is critical regardless of the investment class.  We believe that real estate is a proven investment strategy, simply because the operator and investor have much more control.  While real estate values do shift over time, there is much less volatility than the stock market.  Buying and investing at the right price and time is crucial – once accomplished, real estate investing is a great way to grow your money, competitive to other investment types.

We offer accredited investors attractive rates of return, of varying investment amounts and return periods to suit your needs.  Our specialty is property management; our team manages all of our clients’ investments.Contact our office today to learn about exciting investment and growth opportunities.

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